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Rock Exotica Transporter

Product code: KA-ROC5M
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The Rock Exotica transPorter is a tool-carrier with a dual push-button gate that keeps it locked when you want it locked and keep it open when you want quick and easy access to your gear. The wide base of the transPorter provides rigid attachment to the belt of the harness, keeping the transPorter upright and predictably in place.

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The Rock Exotica transPorter is a tool-carrier made for ease of use and security. The gate is equipped with a manual locking mechanism and ‘wing’ design. The manual locking gate is a dual push button design that you can lock if desired to prevent inadvertently snagging or hooking unwanted items. But you can also leave it unlocked when needed so you are able to remove tools quickly without fumbling to repetitively unlock the gate. Unique ‘wings’ on the gate allow the user to single-handedly retrieve and sort gear, even with gloves on.

The transPorter semi-permanently attaches to the harness, secured by an aluminium plate with removable screws. The wide plate and rigid frame ensure the transPorter will stay in position when used with small or large tools.

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Product Specifications

Certification NOT PPE
Material Aluminium
Weight 95 Grams
MBS 1.8 kN
WLL 0.23 kN
Max Webbing Height 51 mm