Propellar Arboricultural Disinfectant 1ltr Bottle

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Approved Arboricultural disinfectant spray. Recommended by both the Forestry Commission and Arboricultural Association.

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Prevent the spread of devastating tree diseases by using Propellar™ disinfectant.

Fungal pathogens which are responsible for the spread of Ash dieback (Chalara fraxinea) and also Phytophthora ramorum (Sudden Oak Death) attack the trees through the leaves via acospores. There are three main routes of inection:

  1. Infection of healthy trees by disease spores harboured on leaf litter
  2. Traffic of diseased leaf debris on vehicle tyres or pedestrian footwear
  3. Transmission of disease via contaminated equipment (saws, chainsaws, clothing)


  • should be used as part of a disease control strategy in high-risk areas.
  • is an inflammable, alcohol-based spray (isopropanol)
  • comes in a handy 1 L bottle with trigger spray

NB: Spot test Propellar™ on material, plastics and metal before overall use.

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