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ART Lockjack Sport

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ART Lockjack Sport

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The ART LockJack Sport is an easily operational, manageable & efficient device for ascending & descending in tree climbing. Using a range of specialized features, it can help to improve efficiency and speed – ideal for more complex jobs or those with very strict deadlines. All wearable parts can be replaced thus prolonging the life of the device.

The main aim of the LockJack is to allow climbers to create the suitable force required to climb a tree. Whether using footlock techniques or foot ascenders, it allows for an elegant ascent on both climbing lines or the trunk itself. The one-handed design allows for a single pull on the rope and ensures this is enough to manage the suitable tension required. In addition, the user can feed rope through the duct with one hand, freeing up the other one for accurate pruning. It can be used with ropes between 11mm and 13mm in diameter. The unique design compensated for ropes twists and improves climbing comfort considerably.

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