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The Teufelberger multiTOOL Kit – Fimble is a set of tools that enables you to configurate a huge range of applications. From ground and top anchor points to cambium savers and redirects, the multiTOOL kit fimble provides all-in-one functionality for your daily work, delivering maxiFREEDOM in the trees.

Designed in cooperation with Derrick Martin this set of tools not only ensures you maximum freedom in the trees, boasting a remarkable 10-year lifespan for every spare part. Additionally, the certification for two users sets it apart from comparable tools in the market, offering enhanced safety and versatility for arborists. But how is the versatility possible? The unique composition of tools paired with your skills and creativity allows you to configure anchor points, redirects, cambium savers and so much more.

What is the multiTOOL you may ask? Well, it is not one single tool, it is a composition of tools that allows you to cover most applications you will face in the trees. Use the chainANCHOR to install a base anchor, the canopyANCHOR in combination with the ringLOOP for a cambium saver or the ringSLING for a redirect. All individual tools are certified with each other, so they cover a wide field of applications and furthermore have a lifespan of 10 years. Designed in cooperation with Derrick Martin, this set of tools will revolutionize your daily work. From the handy color coding to the 10-year lifespan, the multiTOOL kit fimble is engineered with precision and versatility, empowering users to configure and adapt to a vast array of tasks seamlessly.

This is included in the kit:
  • canopyANCHOR 120cm fimble
    Very versatile tool. With its intermediate sewings it is perfect for anchor points in the tree. Together with prusikLOOP and pullDOWN it is retrievable.
  • chainANCHOR 600cm fimble
    Use it as a base anchor and connect any other piece of the multiTOOL to it. With the high amount of intermediate sewings it suites almost every size of tree.
  • ringLOOP 34mm
    A very handy prusik loop which shines in combinations with other parts of the multiTOOL kit. The 34 mm version features the bigger-sized (34 mm) ring.
  • prusikLOOP fimble
    A very handy prusik loop that shines in combinations with other parts of the multiTOOL kit. With 34 mm length and a steel thimble, it is the ultimate allrounder in the tree.
  • pullDOWN
    Retrieving is getting really easy! No need for the correct direction of rope installation anymore. All rings and thimbles are the same size now. Just retrieve with the pullDOWN. Only one retrieving cone needed
  • ringSLING 130cm
    It can be used as an anchor sling and a hitch cord, in single-leg or choked configurations and makes the multiTOOL kit even more versatile.
  • equaLIZA
    To build in the canopyANCHOR and to have a big soft eye for easier retrieving.
  • Sirius Loop 10mm Pinto pulley
    To install on the canopyANCHOR and build a pulley saver
  • 10 years lifespan for every product
  • User weight: 150kg
  • User: 2
  • Specifications: EN 795B:2012, CEN/TS 16415:2013, AS/NZS 5532:2013, ANSI Z133-2017
  • All tools tested and certified with each-other
  • Every tool, except for pullDOWN, is certified as life support
  • pullDOWN is no PPE!
  • Unique color coding: every product has a different color + everything green is life support, everything red is not.

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