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SoilMania SoilLife Sensor: Unleash Intelligent Soil Insights! Revolutionise your soil management with the SoilMania SoilLife Sensor. Measure moisture, salt content, temperature, oxygen, and nutrient levels in real-time for a deep understanding of your soil environment. This powerful sensor, updated every 20 minutes, informs precise actions like adjusting watering, aerating, and nutrient supplementation. With or without a solar panel, the SoilLife Sensor offers a tailored solution for every garden. Access live data effortlessly on our dashboard software, tracking all sensor levels and battery status. Cultivate thriving plants with SoilMania – Nurturing Growth, Naturally!

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SoilMania SoilLife Sensor: Cultivate a Thriving Soil Ecosystem!

The foundation for flourishing trees and crops lies in the soil itself. The SoilLife Sensor by SoilMania recognises this critical role, offering real-time insights into the soil environment that profoundly influences plant and soil health. Unravel the mysteries beneath the surface and transform your soil management with precision and intelligence.

Key Features

Comprehensive Monitoring

SoilLife Sensors delve deep, measuring moisture, salt content, temperature, oxygen levels, and nutrient levels. Understand the intricate dynamics that govern your soil, empowering you to make informed decisions for optimal plant growth.

Microbial and Chemical Insight

Gain real-time knowledge of the soil’s chemical and microbiological processes. Monitor the effects of soil improvement measures and interventions, enabling precise adjustments to watering practices, aeration, nutrient supplementation, and pH levels.

Dashboard Software License – *All New Sensors Include 1 Year Software Subscription*

Your SoilLife Sensor purchase includes an exclusive license to our advanced dashboard software. Access live data from your sensors on any internet-enabled device. The dashboard provides automatic updates, tracking all sensor levels and battery status for seamless monitoring.

User License – Each organisation will need at least 1 user license in addition to the sensor. This user license allows you access to our specialist software and the ability to view all your data in live time. If you already own a user license you will not need to purchase another. Each user license has the capacity for unlimited sensors to be added to the profile. The user license will need to be renewed every 12 months.

How It Works

Place the SoilLife Sensor in the soil, where it diligently measures moisture, salt content, temperature, oxygen levels, and nutrient levels every 20 minutes. This continuous data capture forms the basis for actionable insights into your soil environment.

Choose Your Ideal Configuration

Without Solar Panel (Resin Sealed): Opt for discreet burial with resin-sealed housing. Perfect for those wanting the sensors to seamlessly integrate beneath the soil.

With Solar Panel: Embrace above-ground placement with the solar-powered option. Note that this version is not resin-sealed and should be kept above ground.

Elevate your soil management practices with the SoilMania SoilLife Sensor – where real-time insights meet actionable intelligence. Cultivate a thriving soil ecosystem, make informed decisions, and witness the transformative impact on your plants. SoilMania – Nurturing Growth, Naturally!

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