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SoilMania Multi-Sensor: Intelligent Soil Insights, Simplified! Elevate your soil management with the SoilMania Multi-Sensor. Measure moisture, temperature, and soil salt content (EC) for a holistic view of your soil’s health. Make informed decisions on nutrient supplementation, prevent salt damage, and ensure optimal conditions for plant growth. With live data tracking on our intuitive software dashboard, monitor one or all sensors effortlessly. Choose resin-sealed for buried installation or solar-powered for continuous monitoring above ground. SoilMania Multi-Sensor – Precision, Simplicity, Growth!

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SoilMania Multi-Sensor: Unleash the Power of Comprehensive Soil Insights!

Introducing the SoilMania Multi-Sensor – the ultimate solution for informed and precise soil management. Building on the capabilities of our moisture sensor, this ground-breaking device not only measures soil moisture but also provides crucial data on soil temperature and salt content (EC), delivering a comprehensive picture of your soil’s health.

Key Features

Holistic Nutrient Assessment

Beyond moisture levels, the Multi-Sensor analyses soil temperature and salt content (EC) to gauge nutrient sufficiency. This unique combination offers insights into the need for nutrient supplementation, distinguishing between short-term and long-term requirements.

Smart Nutrient Supplementation

Make informed decisions on nutrient supplementation based on the Multi-Sensor’s data. From organic liquid fertilisers for immediate needs to a blend of compost varieties and rock dust for long-term soil health, stimulate soil life and enhance overall plant vitality.

Preventing Salt Damage

Monitor soil salt content (EC) to anticipate potential issues with moisture absorption. Combat excess salt (NaCl) by buffering with humic and fulvic acids – a simple, cost-effective measure that helps prevent harm to trees, plants, and soil life.

Advanced Osmotic Process Management

Maintain the delicate balance of osmotic processes in your soil. The Multi-Sensor empowers you to take timely action, ensuring optimal conditions for trees, plants, and soil life to absorb sufficient moisture.

How It Works:

The Multi-Sensor’s probes are placed in the soil, capturing data on moisture, temperature, and salt content (EC) every 20 minutes. This valuable information is seamlessly transmitted to the cloud, accessible through our intuitive software dashboard. Access to our specialist software is included in the purchase of any SoilMania device.

Dashboard Software License – *All New Sensors Include 1 Year Software Subscription* 

Included with the SoilMania Moisture Sensor is an exclusive license to our user-friendly dashboard software (12 months). This web-based platform grants you access to live data from your sensor on any internet-enabled device. Whether you’re at home, in the field, or on the go, the dashboard keeps you connected to your plants’ needs. Enjoy visually easy-to-read gauges and graphs that provide real-time insights into your soil’s condition. Additionally, stay informed about battery levels to ensure uninterrupted monitoring.

User License – Each organisation will need at least 1 user license in addition to the sensor. This user license allows you access to our specialist software and the ability to view all your data in live time. If you already own a user license you will not need to purchase another. Each user license has the capacity for unlimited sensors to be added to the profile. The user license will need to be renewed every 12 months.

Choose Your Ideal Configuration:

Without Solar Panel (Resin Sealed): Perfect for discreet installation, this option is resin-sealed, allowing the housing to be buried below the soil, ensuring a seamless integration into your garden, farm or landscape.

With Solar Panel: Ideal for above-ground placement, the solar-powered option provides continuous monitoring. Note that this version does not have resin seals and should be kept above ground.

Empower your soil management strategy with the SoilMania Multi-Sensor – where comprehensive insights meet actionable intelligence. Unlock the full potential of your soil and cultivate a thriving, healthy ecosystem. SoilMania – Nurturing Growth, Naturally!

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