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PiCUS Calliper 3

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The PiCUS Calliper allows you to quickly and accurately survey the tree geometry in the measurement plane. These Callipers have two different options: Integrated into Picus 3 Case (folding edition), or standalone with separate case.

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Essential for fast & accurate measurement of the tree cross-sectional geometry at the test position. If the tree geometry is not accurate this will affect the accuracy of the resulting tomogram.

The latest PICUS 3 compact callipers are supplied in a modular form that can be easily carried when not in use. On site the callipers can be assembled quickly and have a span width of 1630mm which can be increased to 2150mm by inserting the carbon fibre extension arms – enough to cater for very large tree diameters.

Using the PICUS callipers, you can decide the position of the test points on the tree – they do not have to be evenly spaced and more test points can be put in areas of specific concern. Using the callipers reduces the overall testing time and accuracy of tomograms is maximised. Virtually any shape of tree can be measured using the callipers. Data is instantaneously transferred directly to the PICUS control unit/laptop via a bluetooth connection. A cross-sectional image of the tree showing the test point positions will be displayed so the user can check this before sonic testing commences. All PICUS tomography software options are configured to be used with the PICUS callipers.

Rapid Geometry Measurement

The PiCUS Calliper allows you to quickly and accurately survey the tree geometry in the measurement plane. The PiCUS Calliper is perfectly adapted to our tomographs, so that collecting the geometry of even the most complicated measurement planes can be done comfortably and precisely. This further increases the tomograms precision! The perfect partner for your sonic and electric resistance tomographs is small enough to easily fit inside the case.

  • Mounting in 2 sizes: optional extensions for the measurement arms
  • Wide operation area: 0 – 1630 mm and 0 – 2150 mm
  • Small transport size: dismantled the parts easily fit into a backpack
  • High accuracy: new angle metre for even more precision
  • High user comfort: good readability, large buttons
  • Low weight: feather weight carbon tubes
  • Perfectly adapted to tomography measurements on trees

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