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Notch Quick Cinch Chainsaw Lanyard

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The Quick Cinch Chainsaw Lanyard allows maximum reach and minimum fuss for attaching to all saw types and sizes.

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The Quick Cinch Chainsaw Lanyard solves a common problem faced by climbers and other technicians when trying to remove a standard chainsaw lanyard from a top handle saw that has been girth hitched or choked to the small metal D attachment loop. This struggle can sometimes require a tool and stall a worksite during felling operations when saws need to be swapped out. The Quick Cinch system allows for simple attachment, without having to girth hitch or choke your chainsaw to the small metal D loop. This innovative solution can be used for all saw types and sizes.


  • Available in 2 widths: 17mm and 25mm.
  • Double-ended: 1 end has a quick cinch system, the other end is a traditional loop girth hitch
  • Carabiner acts as a storage ring, and hangs easily on harness tool clips
  • Both ends of the lanyard can be used depending on saw type
  • Compatible for all saw types and sizes
  • Individually serialized

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Product Specifications

ITEM # NQCCL-17mm NQCCL-25mm
WEIGHT 0.5 lbs/ 0.23 kg 0.6 lbs/ 0.27 kg
WIDTH 17mm (0.67”) 25mm (1”)
SWL (7:1) 15 kg / 33 lbs 25 kg / 55 lbs