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Marlow Vega Split Tail

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Marlow Vega Split Tail

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The Marlow split tail is an 11.7mm diameter rope with a strong sewn termination which allows for the use of a modern split tail climbing system. The main benefit of using this technique is that the tail can be replaced without the need to reduce the length of the climbing line. Using a split tail also gives you two attachment points to the harness, giving the user more a more comfortable working position when working at heights. To increase abrasion resistance, each individual yarn in the cover is treated with the Marlow abrasion resistant coating. 

The Marlow Vega rope used is a CE EN1891, UKCA certified rope whilst being compliant with ANSI Z133. This light weight arborist climbing rope, currently boasts the lowest elongation on the market (1.2%). Designed specifically for the new generation of mechanical climbing devices and modern climbing techniques. Vega has a tough polyester core that provides extremely low elongation whilst also being energy absorbing, ideal for SRT climbing. The 24 plait polyester jacket gives a rope with exceptional flexibility and handling without compromising on durability. 

Colour                      ORANGE

Diameter                  11.7 mm

Material type             Polyester

Average break load    2,830 KG

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