Marching Compass

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Jewel-bedded compass needle.

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Jewel-bedded compass needle.

Luminescent direction markings.

Ruler: 1:25,000.

Foldable visor with magnifier.

Rotating dial ring.

360°/64MIL’ graduation.

Fluid capsule.

Thumb holder ring.

Operating Instructions

1. Determining a march route co-ordinates

Take a map and place it on a non-magnetic table.
Put the compass on the map and open it.
Turn the compass so that compass needle (N) coincides with the bearing
line on the container and the bearing slit.
Hold the compass in this position and now turn the map until the vertical
lines on the map (meridians) and the outer edges of the map are parallel
with either the bearing slit or the edge of the compass.
Now you have rotated the map to be aligned with the NORTH.
Hold the map and draw a straight line from the starting point (A) to the
target point (Z).
Put the compass now in a position that the bearing slit or the edge of the
compass is parallel with this line.
Subsequently you can gather the march route co-ordinate from the black
bearing line.

2. Walking in accordance with the march route co-ordinate

If you have a march route co-ordinate or a given one, open the lid of the
compass by 90°.
Set the bearing lens in such a way that you can read the degrees in the
Turn around in a circle until the number (e.g. 75°E) agrees with the
bearing line.

3. Taking a bearing on an object

Now take a look at the bearing slot in the cover at an obvious object (tree,
tower, mountain).
Thereafter move towards this object and you will reach your target.

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