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JSP Evo3 Safety Helmet White

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The EVO®3 Comfort Plus helmet combines a super strong shell for superior all day protection in the the widest range of environments, with the comfort benefits of the Evolution® 3D-Adjustment harness system.

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EVO®3 is an advancement of the long established MK®2 and Mk®3 helmets, which were first launched in the 1970’s, the EVO®3 retains the JSP signature styling while incorporating developments first seen in the EVO®8. Packed full of the latest protection technology and features such as the Evolution® 3D-Adjustment harness system, Revolution® Wheel Ratchet or the unique OneTouch™ Slip Ratchet, which can be adjusted using one hand in a single swift movement.

Tough HDPE shell
In tests the EVO®3 proved far tougher than the EN397 standard required and far tougher than any of it’s competitors.

Supreme Comfort
A 6-point terylene cradle harness system offers unrivalled comfort without compromising performance.

Chamlon™ Sweatband
Egyptian cotton core with porous PU coating for maximum sweat absorption. PH neutral, dermatologically tested.

3D-Adjustment harness system
Never before has such a precise fit been attainable on an industrial safety helmet, using the unique 1-2-3 point harness depth settings.

OneTouch™ Slip Ratchet.

The helmet with integral visor ensures that eye protection is on hand when needed and never lost, whilst removing the need for additional eye protection. Protects to EN 166.1.F

Universal Slots
Enables firm fitting of a range of Surefit™ safety visors and ear defenders.

Extra large area for logos on the front, sides, and rear.

Electrical Insulation (Non-vented only)
The un-vented version meets EN 50365 Class 0 10KV standard. This standard is applicable to electrically insulated helmets used for working live or close to live parts on installations not exceeding 1000Vac or 1500Vdc.

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Product Specifications


Helmet Specification:
Height: 17
Width: 23
Length: 29
Weight:  o.457KG