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Product code: IML3100900-4PD
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The IML PD is equipped with an electronic unit that gives clear support in taking, documenting and evaluating measurements. It can be used wherever reliable and meaningful measurements are required.

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Application areas

  • Tree care and inspection to maintain safe parks, roadways and forests
  • Check the stability of utility poles
  • Diagnose decay in wooden playground equipment as required by law
  • Inspect structural wood in timbered houses, bridges and buildings on stilts for vulnerabilities and safety risks

Product features

  • Comfortable with clear display
  • Easy, fast and digital recording of the measurement data
  • Fatigue-free operation due to the ergonomic design and low overall weight
  • High drilling performance with minimum power consumption
  • Rugged and splashproof aluminium housing
  • Simultaneous recording of drilling resistance and feed cam for better decay detection
  • Automatic curve evaluation for utility poles and wooden playground equipment
  • Drilling depth from 200 mm up to 1000 mm

Optional add-ons

The IML-RESI PD-Series can be expanded and customised with additional modules and options.

  • Increase memory to 50, 100 or 180 metres of measured curves
  • Record feed curve
  • Tilt sensor
  • Needle Breakage Detection
  • Scaling package
  • Access control
  • Remote control interface
  • WoodInspector for automatic curve evaluation for timber poles
  • Additional handle and shoulder strap
  • Bluetooth printer to print measurements on-site wirelessly

Product Specifications

Drilling depth options:

IML-RESI PD200 Drilling depth 200 mm

IML-RESI PD300 Drilling depth 300 mm

IML-RESI PD400 Drilling depth 400 mm

IML-RESI PD500 Drilling depth 500 mm

IML-RESI PD600 Drilling depth 600 mm

IML-RESI PD750 Drilling depth 750 mm

IML-RESI PD1000 Drilling depth 1000 mm


Additional module add ons:

Additional module FEED (IML4100017)

Additional module tilt sensor TLT (IML4100018)

Additional module scaling pakage SCL (IML4100019)

Additional module needle check NC (IML4100015)

Software IML PD-Tools PRO (IML3100808)

Software package IML WoodInspector (IML3100814)

Additional module access control ACS (IML4100020)

Additional module RCI (IML3100807)


Additional Memory:

MEM1 – 50m Recording length (IML4100008)

MEM2 – 100m Recording length (IML4100009)

MEM3 – 180m Recording length (IML4100010)


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