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IML Resi-PD Drilling Needles

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Pack of ten needle replacement for use with Resi-PD series.

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Standard Drilling Needles:

IML-RESI PD300 (Ø 3,0 mm tip / length: 422 mm (IML3100340)

IML-RESI PD400 (Ø 3,0 mm tip / length: 521 mm (IML3100341)

IML-RESI PD500 (Ø 3,0 mm tip / length: 688 mm (IML3100342)

IML-RESI PD600 (Ø 3,0 mm tip / length: 795 mm (IML3100343)

Pole Inspection Needles:

IML-RESI PD300 (Ø 2.8 mm tip / length: 421 mm (IML3100350)

IML-RESI PD400 (Ø 2.8 mm tip / length: 520 mm (IML3100351)

IML-RESI PD500 (Ø 2.8 mm tip / length: 687 mm (IML3100352)

IML-RESI PD600 (Ø 2.8 mm tip / length: 794 mm (IML3100353)

To obtain more accurate results and in order to avoid damaging the device should be checked regularly to remove the needle (after about 10 measurements) and checked for wear and tear will be replaced if necessary.

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