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The MDII+ is a digital Bluetooth calliper for efficient field data collection

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The MDII+ is a digital Bluetooth calliper for efficient field data collection.

  • Bluetooth calliper for efficient data capture.
  • Communicates with PC, handhelds, Smart Phones, Tablets.
  • Edit and input names for up to 100 different tree species.
  • Classic menu icons for intuitive interpretation and use.
  • Application available for PC communication with stand tables, lists and classifications.
  • Custom SmartPhoneapp for in-field wireless data transfer.
  • Rugged, dependableand completely field adapted with patented and certified technology.
  • Moisture and dirtprotected electronics and display.
  • Designed to improveaccuracy and add value to investments in corporate management systems and fieldcomputers.
  • Haglöf Sweden® Quality Craftsmanship – experience and know-how in every detail.

The MDII+ is a modern calliper hybrid, for efficient field data collection and wireless communication with Bluetooth® technology. The MDII+ calliper is designed for speedy collection and safe storage of tree data such as diameter, species and height. Thousands of tree diameters can be stored in the non-volatile calliper memory. Data can also be transferred with built-in Bluetooth® to handheld computers, and Android mobiles or tablets – or use the MDII+ calliper as a virtual keyboard to send wireless data to spreadsheets, e-mail or SMS. For convenient download of your field data to your office PC, the ruggedized MDII+ computer terminal can be detached from the measuring scale and connected with a USB communication cable. To get even more from your MDII+ calliper, work with the MDII+ Com PC software to smoothly manage your field data in your PC. The MDII+ calliper is designed for easy learning and simple use, regardless of your previous experience or measuring standards, language or forest type.

Working with the MDII+ Computer Calliper

The MDII+ Calliper has a secure memory with room for thousands of captured tree diameters and heights. Name up to 100 individual tree species in a simple text file on your PC or straight in the MDII+ calliper. Use up to seven Roman letters to name each of your species. When in the forest, select your species for the particular tree and measure and register its diameter with the MDII+ calliper. Complete your data input with a height measurement result from the Vertex IV or VL5 instrument & transfer to the MDII+ memory with IR.

The MDII+ Com App is a free application for mobile phones or tablets to transfer field data from the MDII+ calliper to your Bluetooth® Android device. Your data is saved in XML-file format and can be shared via email, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. You can also synchronize your Bluetooth device with your office PC to make your collected field data available to colleagues in real time.

A list of tree species, assorted byname and with diameter, and tree heights if input, is featured. Apply a simple form factor function for volume on your stands, as for the diameter assortment and a height curve. To start a new plot, use the MD Com App and press yes for” New Plot?”

For even better functionality, work with the MDII+ Com PC program. In the MDII+ Com PC program, more tree data can be added and processing and reporting capacities are enhanced. The MDII+ Com PC communication program from Haglöf Sweden® offers extended processing and reporting capacity for your field data. Name of tree species, cruising method and data interpretation from the MDII+ calliper are defined in MDII+ Com.

Field data can be added to an object, and complete cruising or sample plot survey can be selected Data can be exported to Excel as a tab-separated txt-file or printed out as a list of trees in 1-, 2- or 4-cm classes with sample trees and plot data.

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Product Specifications

Memory capacity: >100 000 registers
Processor:  Low power 32 bit Arm based processor.
Temperature:  Min -20° Max 60°C / Min -4° Max 140° F.
Battery:  Rechargeable Li-ion (1ea terminal +1 ea SmartScale, USB-interface charge. Estimated operating time: One week/charge.
Buttons:  5 keys + one on Smart-Scale handle.
Measuring system: Non-contact. Accuracy: +-1mm or 0.039 inch
Measuring range: From 500mm/18” to 1000mm/36” (standard).
Weight: Caliper and terminal: <1kg/2.20 lbs (500mm/18” standard).
MDII+ Terminal only:  150g/6oz.
Display:  Graphic, 128 x 64 pixles backlit, graphic interface.
Communication:  USB 2.0 MSD; Bluetooth® (BLE), Vertex/VL IR receiver
Signal:  Built-in loudspeaker.
Classification:  IP67 Moist/dust resistant, CE, FCC, IC