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Use the DP Postex to measure the distance for the individual tree to the transponder and set its coordinates in the point.

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The unique Postex® system for positioning of individual objects – great in long-term studies and follow-up work.

The DP Postex module is recommended when you wish to work with the Postex® system, but prefer to perform the ultrasonic positioning with and in your DP II calliper. Tree heights, if required, can in this system be measured and entered in the DP II program with for example the L5 Laser instrument.

Use the DP Postex to measure the distance for the individual tree to the transponder and set its coordinates in the point. The DP II and software (for example the Postax application) will calculate and process your input field data. When diameter data is not required for your work, for example in plantations, in nurseries and for historic and archaeologic research work, the DP Postex module can also be used directly on the pocket-size and field adapted DP II terminal, without the measuring scale.

The method for individual positioning of trees is perfect when connecting information on ground measured trees to a laser scanned air measuring operation, or to trace individual tree history on sample plots for research and follow-up work. The Postex solution is based on the triangulation method, and the positioning is made from three distances that have been determined by the set-up coordinate system in the Postex rack with transponders. The positioning accuracy allows for reliable results in long-term scientific research projects on tree individuals on permanent plots.

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Product Specifications


Size 57x30x30mm, 2.28”x1.2”x1.2”.
Weight 25g, 1oz.
Power supply 3.3V external feed. Consumption: 7mA.
Ultrasonic frequency 25kHz
Housing Poly-carbonate plastic.
Distance >15m with 360° adapter
Accuracy 1% or better.
Protocol NMEA
Interface RS232 19200,8,N,1.
Accessories Transponders, adapters, Postex rack, DP II computer terminal, software

POSTEX tripod stand

Size 115cm/44.85” from centre, arm extending to 125cm/48.75”. Rack expandable.
Weight 4.85kg/194oz Complete with adapters


Size Diameter 70 mm/2.8” per transponder
Weight 85g/5oz (incl battery) per transponder
Battery 1.5V AA Alkaline per transponder
Consumption max 9mW