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Haglof DPII+ Computer Callipers

Product code: 13-431-1001
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The DPII+ is a powerful and versatile computer calliper built for timber cruising, log scaling, standing tree inventory and harvester calibration.

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The DPII+ is a powerful and versatile computer calliper built for timber cruising, log scaling, standing tree inventory and harvester calibration. With many attractive features and unique accessories, the DPII+ calliper offers the most optimised and customised solutions for diameter measuring in forests and other industries.

The market leading calliper DPII+ has patented foldable and heavy-duty jaws with a slim shape that allow for comfortable measuring in dense forests and timber piles. With an extra enter button placed on the movable handle, your reach is improved when measuring in dense forests and in timber piles. You can also choose to factory order and equip the DPII+ calliper with a Radio Enter Button, that allows you to work with the slim Smart Scale only, and transfer your diameter results via radio signals to the DPII+ terminal that can be placed on your wrist or in your pocket.

The DPII+ communicates through a dirt& moist-proof comport and with built-in Bluetooth, IR and USB. It is designed with sturdy construction inside out, with reinforced housing, field adapted display and keyboard, rechargeable Li-Ion batteries and a patented, sealed, absolute measuring system in lengths from 500mm to 1020mm in numerous different configurations.

With the Skalman v7 system, the DPII+ is optimised for harvester calibration applications and fully complies with the StanForD 2010 calibration standard and the flex scaling method, featuring automatic registering of log lengths with the electronic Digitech® Tape.

Other value-adding add-ons for the DPII include the Gator Eyes laser pointers, the Digitech® Keyboard, the DP DME for distance measuring, the DP GPS for navigation, the DP Scanner to scan barcodes and the DP Postex for positioning work.

A large selection of ready made software applications in various languages allows even complete beginners to immediately start working with the DPII+ calliper in complex measuring operations.

Working with the DPII+ Computer Calliper

Use the DPII+ for your planning and follow-up and to execute sustainable forestry management plans over large areas, with multiple plots and various variables. Work with mixed species and ages; perform individual inventories per sector; use the navigation and positioning capacities to revisit plots for your logging rotation. Generate standing timber volumes and support audit cruisings. Track your trees from forest to factory. Maintain accurate inventories of what is located in landings, and what you have in factory storage areas. With the fully programmable DPII+ calliper, your custom software application and the unique add-ons, you are prepared for virtually any inventory requirement!

–         Multitasking capacity with functionality, reliability, integrated technology and added value to investments.

–         Cruise, work in circular sample plots, measure large diameters, classify, coordinate properties and owners, capture, locate, position, revisit, log scale, measure diameters at a distance, determine increment, age and effects over time, compare stand areas and values.

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Product Specifications

Memory 1GB Flash File System non-volatile high security. 1Mb high-speed ram
Processor Low power 32 bit Arm based processor.
Temperature Min -20° Max 60° C/ Min -4° Max 140° F.
Energy Battery: Rechargeable Li-ion, USB-interface charge. Consumption: One week/charge/ software depending.
Buttons Execution Enter + Enter on SmartScale handle Navigation 4 arrow keys. Quick commands: Display light Turn off, Escape and Vertex/VL5 height input.
Technical: Non contact, sealed.

Scale: Aluminum, non reflecting, clear digits.

Jaws: Foldable aluminum.

Accuracy: +-1mm or 0.039 inch

Weight Caliper and terminal: <1kg/2.20 lbs (500mm/18” standard).

DPII+ Terminal only: 150g/6oz.

Display Graphic, 128 x 64 pixles backlit, graphic interface.
Communication USB 2.0 MSD; External serial port via adapter, USB (CDC) via adapter. Bluetooth® (SPP, OPP), Keyboard, IR receiver for Vertex/VL5/L5
Clock Real Time Clock with calendar and time.
Signal Built-in loudspeaker.
Classification PTB, FPA, IP67 Moist/dust resistant, CE, FCC.