FTC Freexion Device & Tether

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Since you need to adapt constantly to your daily jobs, FTC designers have developed a unique, adjustable friction device that you don’t have to remove from your rope or take apart.

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The FTC Freexion is an mechanical friction device that allows you to progress with a friction hitch on a single rope, and to move in all directions (up/down/transversal).

It is CE certified and can be used with all EN 1891 ropes (type A) from 11.5 mm to 12.5 mm diameter. Its 3-position adjustment system (hard/medium/soft) allows you to modify the angle of the system. You can also adjust and create more or less friction according to the rope diameter, the climber’s weight, or simply adapt your way in the tree to a given situation.

Note: This listing comes with the Freexion Device and Tether (no friction cord or pulley supplied).

With a secured opening of the front pin, the FTC Freexion can be installed in the middle of the rope, for an easy set up. The Freexion is the first system of the kind that doesn’t need to be taken off the rope or taken apart to change the friction. You can change the friction at any time, in just a few seconds, or reduce the load on the friction hitch: no need for tools, you just press simultaneously both ends of a double button. It’s so practical!

In the tree, you only need to change position of the tether’s pin to change the friction of the Freexion and modify the braking.

For example : High up in great trees, with a heavy rope weight, you pull the tether to set the selector on the soft position and lessen the friction. Once the rope weight is lighter, a little further down the tree, you can set the position back to medium or hard and increase the braking. You can also climb in the morning with a dry rope in the hard position and in the rain switch to soft position because of slight diameter increase induced by the changing weather conditions.

It’s so easy to set up that it’ll soon be natural to modify the braking at will and without constraint.

As a bonus, the Freexion Tether has been designed with an extra loop to connect a carabiner and add extra friction for rescue purposes. The shape of the Freexion has been developed to make it easy to switch from SRT to DRT work. The device can then be used to push your hitch, so there’s no need to disconnect your system.

The system is designed to be very compact, thanks to the short, flexible tether connection. During the ascent, the system is positioned low and close to the body, so the climber has a very upright position and doesn’t need to put his hands very high up. As a result, there’s plenty of room for movement.

The compactness of our Freexion System is also an asset when it comes to large lateral movements, added to the possibility of adjusting friction. It is very easy to switch from SRT to DRT or reduce/increase friction to adapt the system to your work.

Thanks to all the tests conducted by the experienced FTC team, they have defined a technique to use the Freexion during a rescue (outside certification).

Be careful, only the procedure and equipment described on the document below have been confirmed by FTC Tree. You are responsible for any damage if you use any other system and technique.

Remember, the use of a single system to rescue an injured climber must be considered as a complex solution and only used as a last resort. You can find the instructions on how to do this under ‘Product Downloads’

Product Specifications


CE Matt grey, black and white 110 x 60 x 30 mm (4.3 x 2.4 x 1.2 in) Device: forged aluminium cheekplates

Cam: moulded stainless steel

Pins: machined stainless steel

Tether: polyester/Dyneema

Hitch: mix of Technora/polyamid/polyester

Pulleys: aluminium cheekplates and sheaves, stainless steel axes

FREEXION SYSTEM with single attachment pulley: 350 g (12.3 oz)

FREEXION SYSTEM with triple attachment pulley: 405 g (14.3 lb)



FREEXION TETHER: 15 g (0.5 oz)

FREEXION HITCH: 55 g (1.9 oz)


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