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DMM Focus Swivel

Product code: 4dfd4a6da7a4
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The DMM Focus is a directly connectable swivel that features both swivel and shackle attachments to give you increased connection options. It is ideal for complex rigging setups or for an integral link on a harness bridge, work positioning lanyards or wire core fliplines. Shackle can be undone for retro-fitting.

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The DMM Focus is a retro-fittable swivel convertor. The two way locking spindle in the shackle allows connection to fixed loops such as wire strops, rigging plates, and harness bridges.

The fixed eye can be clipped (with a Prest-in configuration aid if needed), spliced in, swaged in, etc. as required. Available in two shackle sizes depending on the loading requirements.

The small D shaped shackle keeps single attachments neat and predictable whereas the increased size of the bow-shaped shackle allows complex set ups to be achieved by catering for loading across the shackle.

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Product Specifications

Small Large
Weight 64 Grams 72 Grams
MBS 26 kN 26 kN
WLL 3 kN 3 kN
Certification QAP91 QAP91