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Darbyshire Throwpod

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Tony Darbyshire & Marcus Nicholson of Sawpod Ltd have developed this environmentally friendly lead free, aerodynamic throw weight to ease line placement. ​ Tungsten powder is our secret ingredient, the material which gives the Throwpod it’s weight. We use sieve residues, a waste product from a UK supplier who simply re-processes it to enable us to use it in our product!! Tungsten, even as waste retains a high price, hence the cost of the Throwpod.

We were looking for an alternative to the lead filled canvas bags currently in use and inspired by some designs from around the world, we were keen to make something environmentally friendly & affordable for the serious Arborist.

​The Throwpod gives you increased height gain, the missile shape means it slips easily through the tree and reduces the risk of getting stuck in the canopy! The solid construction means the Throwpod pivots over obstructions, unlike conventional articulated bags.​

​Made in the UK from durable rubber with a marine grade stainless steel eye bolt and fluorescent tip. The large eye caters for all throwing styles – the cradle or one handed throw. The most secure method of attachment is with a bowline in the end of your line and secured with a lark’s foot onto the eye bolt. This is not the most streamlined but definitely the safest.

​Many hours of head scratching have culminated in a shape which flies accurately, a simple eye bolt that does what is required of it, and a finished item which sits comfortably in your hand, is easy to throw and enables a far greater height to be gained than traditional bags.

​The simplest way to attach your rope is to connect your spliced eye to the Throwpod with a small karibina. For a tighter crotch simply tie a number of half hitches to the raw end of your climbing rope! One way of attaching the pod is a quick release clove hitch which helps a faster transition to tying line to rope but watch out it doesn’t come untied, this method is the most streamlined.

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