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Courant Treez-Line Throw Line

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The Courant Treez-Line throw line is a Dyneema® based throw line perfect for launching your throw bags into the tree. The use of Dyneema® yarn and the redevelopment of the monofilament make this throwline extremely smooth that’s hard to tangle

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The Courant Treez-Line throw line is constructed of a blend of Dyneema® yarn for its lightness and good resistance. In addition to this, Courant have developed the monofilament so that it gives the throw line superior rigidity to prevent it from tangling or knotting with great friction resistance. The finished product is a smooth throwline with an excellent ability to glide over tree branches yet remain durable enough to stand up to the rigours of the arb lifestyle.


Key Features

  • 70kg Breaking Point
  • 8mm Diameter
  • Excellent friction resistance
  • Bright pink colour that stands out

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Product Specifications

Construction Dyneema Yarn
Weight 0.3kg
Diameter 1.8mm
Static Resistance 0.7 kN