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Courant Squir Climbing Rope

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The Courant Squir is a climbing rope designed for SRT or as an access rope. It is a very low stretch rope with a sheath that was re-developed to be more durable yet still be flexible

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The Courant Squir is a 32-strand, 11.5mm climbing rope that is specifically designed to be used for SRT or as an access rope. The rope was re-developed so that it has a very durable yet still flexible polyester sheath. Its low stretch ensures that the bounce effect is kept to a minimum when climbing, and the rope is heat treated for greater stability. On top of this, the sheath protects it from wear and tear from sharp toothed cam ascenders as well as retaining its roundness whilst descending. You will truly admire the performance of this rope when you use the latest friction devices.

Key Features:

  • Very low stretch
  • Superior wear resistance
  • Heat treated for extra stability
  • Exciting colour combinations
  • Retains its flexibility over time

Product Specifications

• Materials / construction: 32-strand Polyester sheath with X-Braid Polyamide core
• Static resistance: 30kN
• Resistance with figure of 8 knot: 21kN
• Mass per meter: 91gram
• Sheath percentage: 43%
• Sheath slippage: 0.2%
• Elongation 50/150Kg: 2%
• Knotability: 0.74
• Retraction with water: 1.5%
• Maximum lifespan: 10 years under normal working conditions


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