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Courant Ellipse Rope Sling

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The Courant Ellipse Rope Sling is a high resistance rope sling made from the Phoenix Hitch Cord that allows you to create a reliable anchor point easily.

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The Courant Ellipse Rope Sling were inspired by the webbing slings of the same name. Instead of making them out of webbing, Courant decided to make these slings from the 8mm Phoenix hitch cord. Because of this, these endless rope slings offer increased abrasion resistance due to their aramid fibre sheath. These Ellipse rope slings offer the perfect solution for traditional ‘footlock’ techniques or to create a temporary anchor in the tree.

Similar to the Ellipse Webbing Sling, the Ellipse Rope Sling is available in multiple lengths, each with their own designated colour for easy identification.

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Product Specifications

Certification EN 566:2017 & EN 795B:2012
Materials Polyamide / Polyester / Aramid
Static Resistance 22 kN
Diameter 8mm
Maximum Lifespan 10 Years Under Normal Working Conditions