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The new Bite ® 2.2 is a patented device capable of making intrainfusion even simpler and more effective. It is made up of several parts connected to each other:  Special hollow and perforated needles (A) for spacing the fabrics. Seals (A1) which allow the needle holder to adhere perfectly to the stem and prevent the leakage of sap or liquids. A polycarbonate needle holder (B) with relative seat for housing the pharmaceutical syringe (B1) containing the therapeutic or nutrient solution. Thanks to Bite ® 2.2 it is possible to perform endoinfusion treatments on trees regardless of their height and location.  The device does not require electricity for operation and allows water consumption to be reduced by over 90% compared to spraying treatments.

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Developed by a team led by Dr Lucio Montecchio at De Rebus Plantarum – a spin-off of the University of Padua (Italy); BITE (Blade for Infusion in Trees) is a manual, drill-free instrument with a small, perforated lenticular (lentil shaped) blade that enters the trunk by separating the woody fibres with minimal friction

BITE allows the natural uptake of an external sap compatible liquid (ie EnerBite fertiliser) up to the leaves, when transpiration rate is substantial (ie during the Spring to late Summer period).

BITE is a simple, fast & effective method of applying beneficial compounds to trees under stress or in decline.

BITE also ensures that all of the applied treatment goes directly into the tree with no contamination of adjacent targets. This is particularly useful in Urban environments.


  • In wood plants, xylem sap moves upwards through the vessels due to a decreasing gradient of water potential from the groundwater to the foliage.
  • According to these factors and their dynamics, small amounts of sap-compatible liquids (i.e.EnerBite)can be infused into the xylem system, reaching their target from the inside without any external contamination.
  • The BITE system uses a small, perforated lenticular blade that enters the trunk by separating the wood fibres with minimal friction.
  • Furthermore, the lenticular shaped blade reduces the xylem vessel cross section, increasing sap velocity which consequently lowers the sap pressure – in fluid dynamics, Bernoulli’s principle states that an increase in the speed of a fluid occurs simultaneously with a decrease in pressure. Consequently, the applied sap-compatible liquid is naturally drawn into the tree.
  • BITE is an endotherapic or “trunk infusion” method
  • Traditional pressure injection techniques utilise drilling methods in order to gain access to the xylem vessels beneath the bark. This drilling causes significant localised damage to the injection area which is slow to heal
  • With the BITE lenticular blade, the infusion ports partially close soon after the removal of the blade due to the natural elasticity and turgidity of the plant tissues, and the cambial activity completes the healing process in few weeks.


The BITE system is available in 3 sizes of kit; Small, Medium & Large. Kit contents are as follows:

Type of Kit Kit Code New Sliding Hammer New Needle Holder 35mm Needle 53mm Needle 65mm Needle Soft Gasket 30mm Supersoft Gasket 30mm
A – Small BITE-2.2-A 1 unit 1 unit 1 unit 1 unit 1 unit 1 unit 1 unit
B – Large BITE-2.2-B 1 unit 5 units 5 units 5 units 5 units 5 units 5 units

All kits are packaged with user Instructions in a convenient tool box.


EnerBite, a binary liquid phosphite fertiliser with trace additives, has been specifically developed for use with the BITE system.

EnerBite is rapidly taken up and translocated within the tree through the xylem vessels, due to the high mobility and low molecular weight of the ingredients. This translates into a noticeable improvement in nutrition and immediate increase of vigour. EnerBite also induces the production of particular organic compounds responsible for the tree’s natural defence mechanisms.

A recent paper ‘An enhanced trunk injection formulation of potassium phosphite against chestnut ink disease’ by Elisa Del Maso & Professor Lucio Montecchioreported that EnerBite treatment completely ceased the development of the disease in most cases.

EnerBite is supplied in 250ml bottles, 15 per case.


On average a dose consists of 1ml of EnerBite per 1cm of tree circumference at the treatment level. For example, one 250ml bottle of EnerBite is enough for one treatment of a tree with a DBH of 80cm.The infusion points should be located between the root collar and 1m in height. Typically, EnerBite treatment is recommended every two years on trees under stress or in decline.

Follow this simple calculation to determine how much EnerBite to use on a particular tree:

Tree Diameter at Breast Height (DBH cm) x 3.14 = ml EnerBite required

Infusion performance (liquid take – up) depends on species, physical, physiological and environmental factors. Although infusion can be carried out at any time with evergreen species, this is not the case with deciduous species which need to be in leaf. Infusion is ideally carried out when leaf transpiration is high (ie between spring & mid-summer) with sun, wind & sufficient soil moisture also being beneficial.


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