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Avengelus Trichoderma Tree Balm

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Avengelus Tree Balm. Available in 500ml tub and 5000ml container. For details and case studies regarding specific treatment scenarios please get in touch via phone or email.

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The Avengelus Trichoderma Tree Balm is based on a naturally occurring organism – Trichoderma – which is already present in soil albeit in low concentrations. Trichoderma has many beneficial properties, one being that it has been shown to suppress pathogenic fungi, as it efficiently takes up nutrients and space and makes it therefore difficult for pathogens to establish themselves in the same place. Indeed, if it were not for the presence of naturally occurring Trichoderma in soils then pathogenic fungi would be more rampant. However, there are literally hundreds of different strains of Trichoderma and not all are effective.

The co-founders of MycoSolutions spent over two decades identifying and isolating the strain that was the most potent – this strain – Trichoderma atrobrunneum – is registered to MycoSolutions (with a DNA fingerprint) and is only available from MycoSolutions and hence Sorbus in the UK.

Trichoderma enters into a symbiosis with other beneficial organisms present in soil, e.g. mycorrhiza and also supports the formation of nodules and nitrogen fixation of bacteria. In addition, Trichoderma is able to form a symbiosis with the roots of the plant, allowing the plant to take up nutrients more efficiently. It also provides the plant with growth hormones stimulating its root and general plant growth. Trichoderma further enhances the defence system making the plant more resistant to abiotic and biotic stressors.

Treatment can be carried out provided that the soil temperature is 10°C or above as the Trichoderma will remain active. When the soil temperature drops below this temperature the Trichoderma effectively goes into hibernation (as do the decay pathogens) until the soil warms up again.

On trees / turf that are obviously under biotic stress MycoSolutions recommend a gradual treatment programme over time rather than one large dose. This is to build up a good population of Trichoderma in the soil over time. In this case at least 4 treatments are recommended in the first year with this treatment regime continuing for several years (typically 4 years). Other trees in the vicinity that are not affected will also benefit from a single treatment.

Take a look at this short video concerning Avengelus treatment of a beech tree heavily infested with Kretzschmaria deusta  Avengelus Treatment of Beech – Kretzschmaria deusta

…..and this short video showing how the rapid growth of Trichoderma atrobrunneum suppresses & overcomes Armillaria (honey fungus). The honey fungus culture is at the top of the petri dish and Avengelus spreads from the base.Avengelus Treatment – Armillaria (Honey Fungus)

Avengelus can also be used in other areas of tree propagation/care:

  • NURSERIES: Avengelus can be used in tree nurseries as a soil conditioner to promote healthy soil biology and reduce transplant stress. Avengelus also facilitates nutrient uptake and promotes general tree health through pre-immunization.
  • NEW PLANTINGS: When planting new trees, we recommend Avengelus for better growth of the transplanted root ball and to support root growth.
  • REPLACEMENT PLANTINGS: When infected trees are removed and a replacement needs to be planted; it is important that the newly planted tree does not succumb to the same disease. We recommend not only generously milling out the rootstock and replacing the affected soil, but also treating the soil with Avengelus prior to replanting and, if necessary, continue treating the replacement tree for several years.

Avengelus is supplied as Water Soluble Granules, Spore suspension and as a Super Concentrate spore suspension for treatment of large areas. All of these have a minimum 2 year shelf life when stored at or below room temperature. In addition Avengelus Tree Balm (an oil based suspension) can be used to apply directly to pruning wounds/damaged areas on trees to help suppress fungal infection.

How Avengelus Tree Balm Works

Trichoderma colonises the space and uses the nutrients efficiently. In this way, it deprives the harmful fungi of growth factors and makes it more difficult for them to colonise. A preventive application of Trichoderma atrobrunneum can thus prevent harmful fungal infestations.

How You Use Avengelus Tree Balm

Treatment of the plants: For direct treatment of the plants, apply the product undiluted and with a brush. Avoid leaching by precipitation during the first 48 hours. To maintain a stable Trichoderma population, a repetition of 4 times per year is recommended.

Application period

Possible from 10 °C soil temperature during the whole vegetation period.

Please note

Protect from direct sunlight
Store between 10 °C and 20 °C


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