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ARS PM-21L Professional Folding Saw

Product code: ARS-PM-21L
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The PM-21L is a professional folding pruning saw with an impulse hardened straight blade of 21cm.

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The PM-21L is a folding pruning saw. It is identical to the award winning PM-21 model but with a slightly more aggressive tooth pitch of 4mm instead of 3mm. It features a high carbon steel blade with a hard chrome plating for additional hardness, corrosion resistance and easy maintenance. The blade is tapered which reduces friction during the cut. The impulse hardened teeth increases the blade life by up to 3 times that of conventional saw blades. Provided with a black rubber handle and a safety lock. The saw is beautifully balanced to go with the naturally lightweight feel. The saw blade is 21cm long and has a fine tooth pitch of 4mm for a precise and smooth finish to every cut.

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Product Specifications

Product Length 440mm (extended)
Blade Length 210mm
Product Weight 180g
Tooth Pitch 4mm
Tooth Thickness 1.3mm
Tooth and Cut Design Pull action TurboCut
Blade Material High Carbon Steel
Blade Finish Hard Chrome Plated
Impulse Hardening Yes
Spare Blade PM-21L-1