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ARS 160-0.6 Long Reach Pruner

Product code: ARS-160-0.6
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The 160-0.6 long reach pruner is a 60cm cut and hold pruner with high carbon steel blades and a 180 degree rotating handle. It is lightweight and easy to use, perfect for maintaining rose and other bush plants.

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The 160-0.6 Long-reach pruner is the perfect tool for maintaining and deadheading your rose bushes or other bush plants. The extended pruner measures 60cm long and allows you to prune at a safe distance away from the thorns. The aluminium shaft is lightweight and effortless to manoeuvre. The cutting blades are fitted with a cut and hold clamp which allows the user to hold onto the cut stems and place them away from the planting area.

The 180 degree rotating handle also adds a unique freedom to the tool, enabling the user to position the blades at the perfect angle for the best cut.

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Product Specifications

Cutting Diameter 10mm
Product Length 600mm
Weight 395g
Blade Material High Carbon Steel
Blade Finish Hard Chrome Plated
Handle Design Aluminium, with 180 degreee rotating handle

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