Arb Pro EVO Safety Chainsaw Boots

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ArbPro have based the design of EVO Safety chainsaw boots on the ever popular EVO2 to strike the perfect balance between protection and comfort.

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ArbPro‘s aim was to offer customers chainsaw protective boots specifically designed for arborists. To do that they started from scratch, using the ever popular model EVO2 (non-protective) as a model to build upon. This is because the EVO2 model is selling well worldwide with very positive feedback from customers. By creating chainsaw boots that are similar, ArbPro aimed to strike the perfect balance between protection and comfort

The design of EVO Safety chainsaw boots remains as close as possible to the non protective EVO2. They have used the same materials while integrating safety features such as chainsaw protection, toe protection and an anti-perforation mid sole.

They have also increased the of height of the upper area on the EVO Safety model compared to the EVO2 in order to meet CE standards for chainsaw protection.

With the EVO Safety, Arb Pro are now able to offer customers a product that can meet your demands for slim design, lightweight, rope friendly lacing system, and an integrated replaceable front loop.

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Product Specifications

Model EVO Safety
Relevant Standard EN ISO 17249:2013/AC:2014
Chainsaw Protection Classification Class 2 /24 m/s
Waterproof Standard Waterproof Arbtex™ Membrane
Front Connection System Replaceable EZLoop™
Outsole Vibram Dolent
Midsole Semi Rigid Nylon with Non-Metallic Anti Perforation Fabric