ROCK EXOTICA OMNI 1.5 Swivel Pulley

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  • Brand: Rock Exotica
  • Product Code: LW-ROP51SSB
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The Omni-Block from Rock Exotica fuses together a swivel and a pulley into one handy tool. The unique side plate has been developed to open while the pulley is still attached to the anchor. Usually a pulley and swivel are connected by a karabiner. You have no such problems with the Omni as it eliminates the need for a karabiner and therefore reduces length and pieces  of equipment in your rigging setup. With it's short length, the Omni is handy when used in confined spaces or other space-saving situations.

  • ROCK EXOTICA OMNI 1.5 Swivel Pulley

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·         9.2oz (260gm)

·         Unique sideplate

·         Two-stage, double-catch safety mechanism

·         Integrated swivel

        ·         CNC machined

        ·         36kN MBS


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