In order to practice simple biosecurity measures each day to help limit the spread of tree pests and diseases, it is helpful to have a biosecurity kit in your vehicle or with you as you go about your work. There is a choice of either a Standard or Lite kit. The recently introduced Lite kit is a scaled down version of the full BioSecurity Kit, intended for use by those working in urban or remote environments etc who need to carry the kit with them most of the time.  

At a recent seminar hosted by Barcham Trees, focusing on canker stain of plane trees, Lucio Montecchio - Professor of forest & ornamental tree pathology at the University of Padua (Italy) who has studied this subject for almost 30 years - commented: 

“The spread of the fungus in Europe is mainly through infected sawdust and pruning tools. The lack of disinfection of tools after pruning infected trees is the main infection pathway across long distances, due to the long term viability of the fungus in sawdust residues on chainsaws. The disease is effectively spread by uninformed contractors involved in infected plane pruning and their infected chainsaws”

Our BioSecurity kits contain everything you need packed into either a holdall (Standard kit) or drawstring bag (Lite kit). Cleankill & Propellar disinfectants (recommended by the Forestry Commission) and pressure sprayers are also available for use with the kits.

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