Chainsaw Trousers

Chainsaw Trousers

When you’re operating in the arboricultural industry and other similar sectors, chainsaws are likely to be one of your most frequently used pieces of equipment. That’s why adequate chainsaw protection is necessary, including your trousers and other garments, giving you peace of mind that should an accident occur, you are well protected.

Chainsaw protective trousers have come a long way

It used to be that chainsaw protective clothing was restrictive, heavy, and interfered with you getting the job done. But they’ve come a long way in recent years. Now they not only offer you a superior level of protection, but they’ve also been designed with your comfort in mind too. The latest fabric technologies give a more comfortable fit and provide you with the freedom to move around – an essential when you’re working as an arborist. As a result, chainsaw protective clothing no longer hinders your usual tasks, it simply provides you with extra protection.

Working with brands of the highest quality

Here at Sorbus, we’re proud to work with leading brands in the arboricultural industry. We carefully handpick the brands of chainsaw trousers we stock in our range, picking only those of the highest quality. Among our range, you’ll find established and respected brands like Pfanner, Arbortec, SIP, or Stein, chosen for their considerations of both safety and comfort. Our selection means you don’t have to compromise on either area when you’re making a new chainsaw protection clothing purchase.

Offering you choice

We know that not every pair of chainsaw trousers suits every arborist. That’s why we aim to offer you an extensive choice, letting you pick out those that best match what you’re looking for. Our range includes both type A and type C chainsaw protective trousers. The type A option protects just the front of the wearer’s legs, providing maximum comfort, and are best suited to professional’s working on the ground. In contrast, our type C arborist trousers are ideal for climbers. They provide the all-around protection you need. Despite the maximum level of protection, the type C chainsaw trousers can still be worn as regular trousers, rather than as overgarments, ensuring they’re still comfortable and restrict movement as little as possible.

Caring for chainsaw trousers

In order to get the best lifespan out of your chainsaw protective trousers, it’s strongly recommended that you take care of your garments in line with the washing instructions. For further information, please refer to the manufacturer's guidelines.

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