DMM Revolver Rig Locksafe (A5871CB)

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  • Brand: DMM
  • Product Code: KA0065
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The DMM Revolver Rig is a connector with an integrated pulley sheave. This great piece of kit features a high efficiency roller bearing sheave along with a removable threaded captive bar. The spine is uniquely profiled and along with the captive bar aids in maintaining correct orientation. The Revolver Rig also has a full strength textile friendly becket.

Any friction between the connector and rope is minimised through the great design of the Rig when using a connector attached to the becket. Snag free operation is achieved through the keylock nose.

  • DMM Revolver Rig Locksafe (A5871CB)


·         Large sheave tread diameter

·         High efficiency roller bearings

·         Full strength becket

·         Accepts most karabiners

·         Captive bar is removable

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