Courant SCRAT Retrieval Ball

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The SCRAT can be used during tree work where it helps to recover a friction saver in the tree, while standing on ground level. It is fully compatible with our Synchro friction saver and similar crown anchoring products on the market.

The retrieval ball is the start of a bigger project to reduce Courant's ecological impact. Together with a sustainable manufacturer the Courant in-house design team have created this more environmental friendly version to replace their existing retrieval ball.

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· 30.5mm

· 15g

· The ball and cord are easy to handle, even while wearing gloves

· Available in 3 vibrant colours which make it easy to find should you drop it

· In case of loss the material of the ball is compostable, so over time you don’t leave any lasting traces in nature

The Ball

· Bio-based: 80-100% from organic non-food agriculture

· Compostable and biodegradable

· The packaging is made of recycled fibres and comes from sustainably managed forests

The Cord

· Bio-based: 70% from non-food agriculture

· Recyclable

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