Rock Exotica Hydra Triple Attachment Pulley

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The Hydra Triple Attachment Pulley by Exotica combines a pulley, rigging plate and swivel all in one compact piece. Tools for arborists need to be lightweight and durable and the Hydra is both. The swivel top has three connection points which are lined with rubber o-rings. These help to grip to karabiners tightly and have been developed specifically to avoid dangerous cross-loading.

This triple attachment pulley can be used in a number of ways but it's simplest use is on the rope bridge of the saddle. Some of the more advanced uses it can be used for are in ascent systems, lanyard systems, fliplines, or as a redirect. In any arrangement, the hydra's use is significantly enhanced by its ability to add multiple connections whilst having the option to rotate when needed.

  • Rock Exotica Hydra Triple Attachment Pulley

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·         20 oz (575 gm)

·         2 x 14kN = 28kN MBS

·         2 x 2.5kN = 5kN WLL

·         Max Rope: 13 mm

        ·         Sheave Dia: 2.1(53mm

        ·         CE Certification

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