Notch Talon Handsaw Leg Mount

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  • Brand: Notch
  • Product Code: PR-39890
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The Notch Talon Handsaw Leg Mount is a secure and comfortable leg attachment guaranteed to fit any handsaw scabbard. You just need to strap the talons anywhere on your scabbard of choice and them secure them to your leg with the elastic straps provided.

Having the handsaw on your leg is what many aborists choose to do as it keeps the saw from swinging around, it's also an easy place to remember for constant use. The Leg Mount has a secure connection and thick padding which makes it a great fit and fixes all of the problems associated with wearing a saw on the leg. This can help to reduce chafing and rubbing and ads space between your leg and the saw to reduce catching on your trousers.

Guaranteed to fit any handsaw scabbard, you can't go wrong!

  • Notch Talon Handsaw Leg Mount



·        Weight: 0.62 lb.

·         Black

·         Plastic/Rubber/Velcro

·         Fits any handsaw scabbard, guaranteed



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