A-Z of Tree Terms: A companion to British arboriculture. 3rd Edition

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The third edition of A-Z of Tree Terms is for everyone in Britain with a serious interest in trees. If you work with trees the book will be a good companion, if you own trees your responsibilities will be made easier to understand, and if you simply like trees the book will deepen your affection. If you’re anxious about a tree-related problem, thinking of getting advice, need some tree work or have trees that are affected by a planning application, the book will be useful in practice. And if you’re a serious student of trees you’d better know what one is.

From turbulence to tranquillity, from hot-tubbing to grumble line, from blast pipe to seed bomb and from manège to mulm, this book will equip you for any eventuality.

‘A must-have reference guide for British arboriculturists’  Arboricultural Association

WEIGHT: 0.81 kg

AUTHOR: Philip Wilson

FORMAT: Paperback

PUBLISHER: Ethelburga House

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