Zubat 3900 (2 Parts) Pole Saw with Blade (330mm)

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  • Zubat 3900 (2 Parts) Pole Saw with Blade (330mm)

When your job demands a longer saw, the Zubat 3900 is ideal, improving how quickly you can cut through large branches and other necessary materials. The blade features 7.5 teeth for every 30mm, making it perfect for getting through even thick branches. Combined with the benefits the blade design brings, the focus on crafting a lightweight but robust tool makes it effortless to use, including over extended periods of time.

The oval shaped pole is designed to provide you with the right level of firmness to comfortably saw, while the moulded rubber handle allows for maximum control. With a high professional standard across every aspect of the saw, it’s easy to see why the Zubat 3900 is included in so many equipment kits. The sheath, which fits securely on to the blade, and detachable belt holder further adds to the practicality of this saw for those that want the best and more efficient tools.

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