Zubat 3300 (2 Parts) Pole Saw with Blade (330mm)

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  • Zubat 3300 (2 Parts) Pole Saw with Blade (330mm)

Reduce the time that your jobs take by investing in the Zubat 330mm saw. The compact, lightweight design of the saw makes quick work of cutting through even large branches, ideal for professionals with a varied schedule. The telescopic blade’s curved angle is perfect for comfortable sawing, while the oval shaped pole gives you the firmness that you need to carry out a job.

The heavy-duty curved saw boasts 7.5 teeth per 30mm, speeding up time consuming processes while guaranteeing that your equipment remains robust and reliable. The clever design extends to the specially created sheath, which fits securely over the curved blade for added security and peace of mind. The detachable belt holder ensures the saw is always accessible when you need it, even when you’re working at height, reducing time wasted when retrieving equipment. With the ability to replace the blades with ease, the Zubat 3300 is a saw that you can rely on to meet your needs for years to come.   

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