Zubat 300mm Saw (300-7.5)

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  • Zubat 300mm Saw (300-7.5)

When you need a professional saw that is ideal for cutting through tough, large branches, look no further than this option. The heavy-duty design and carefully selected materials have been chosen with professional, long lasting use in mind. Coming from respected brand Zubat, you know this is a saw that you can rely on when your job demands a blade that’s 300mm in length.

The curved design is perfect for making quick work of tasks in hand and for sawing hard to reach place. The mono-construction ensures the blade itself is strong, minimising the risk of damage occurring when it’s used and halting your work. Complementing the tough integrity of the blade is the moulded rubber handle, crafted to guarantee both comfort and the ability to maintain a firm grip. Combined with the specially designed sheath for the curved blade and detachable belt holder, the Zubat 300mm saw is an essential tool that makes completing tasks easier. 

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