ZK2 Rope Wrench

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The Rope Wrench was designed by Kevin Bingham of Singing Tree in Detroit.

Kevin first identified the need for a new piece of equipment whilst working in Texas on contract to clear storm damage caused by a hurricane. Kevin was being paid on a ‘per tree’ basis and saw the potential for far greater productivity if he were able to quickly move from tree to tree. The traditional Double Rope technique was proving time consuming- as the majority of his time was spent setting up and then retrieving gear between each and every tree. Kevin was inspired to create a device for safely moving horizontally directly from tree to tree, without having to come down between trees. Kevin wondered whether it was possible to work SRT with the hitch and the initial concept for the STRW was born.


What has improved on the ZK-2 Rope Wrench?

The smaller, lighter design works well with the stiff tether, which keeps the STRW away from the hitch. The ZK-2 Rope Wrench is detachable, by way of a quick pin and the rotating side plates allow far greater ease of rigging. The introduction of a Pulley wheel keeps the rope round, so there’s less rope flattening than with the ZK-1 version.


Why is the STRW marked ‘Not for PPE’?

The STRW is not for primary life support. The hitch itself is the primary life support.


So the hitch provides the life support and control-what does the actual Rope Wrench do?

The STRW creates a "bend" above the climbers hitch on the single line which, with the addition of the tether to connect to the STRW, creates a "contained doubled rope system" on the single line. This "contained doubled rope system" travels with the climber throughout the tree allowing for a level of consistency of friction on the hitch which is impossible to duplicate in doubled rope climbing.


Why use the STRW?

There are infinite benefits to using the STRW! The STRW allows so many more options for safe movement in the tree whilst using a single rope, enabling re-directs and a greater degree of friction control than that achieved using double rope. The STRW allows far greater flexibility and opens up a wide range of new working possibilities. In double rope climbing, friction levels never remain constant due to rope running over limbs, re-directs and Pulleys. The STRW allows for single rope climbing and therefore friction always remains consistent, which allows the user precise control in the tree, without creating excess slack in the system (as can occur in double rope technique). The STRW also allows the user to easily pass any limbs which obstruct their route-it is possible to pass obstructions when using DRT, but it can be a very tricky manoeuvre!

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