Xscape Area Measuring Kit

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  • Xscape Area Measuring Kit

Calculate the Area of Asymmetric Surfaces!

Use the Xscape instrument to calculate the area (eg. a golf course greens). Use the information for detailed consumption planning of fertilization, seed and soil and more. The Xscape is also excellent for accurate distance measuring.

Xscape Area Measuring instrument is a development from the wellknown Haglöf Sweden Vertex concept. With the Xscape you can calculate assymetric areas and measure exact distances in an efficient and quick manner.

The Xscape was developed following requests from garden constructors. The instrument will enable the operator to evaluate and plan for seeds and fertilization of an area, regardless the area having an irregular shape and different ground levels. Xscape is also a natural part of the equipment for any person working within golf court planning and construction.

With the proven functional ultrasound technology, the Xscape will be excellent also for exact distance measuring of up to 30 meters or 98 ft in the terrain.

The Xscape Measuring unit measures circular sample plots and calculates the average value. The more measuring points taken, the more accurate the outcome of the average value.

Included in the kit: Unit, T3 Transponder, Adaptor and Monopod

Full PDF of the Xscape can be downloaded here.

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