Flex Fly & Sidewinder Wirecore Flipline 4 Meter

  • £84.30

  • Brand: Arbortec
  • Product Code: CL-ZS40S4
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  • Flex Fly & Sidewinder Wirecore Flipline 4 Meter

Wirecore flipline with Sidewinder swivel-eye safelock karabiner. The signal-coloured wire core flipline with sheath of tree climbing rope is unsurpassed in durability. This results from a unique manufacturing method. A special glueing technique connects sheath and wire rope and makes for great adhesion. When sheath and core of other ropes already have come apart, the Flex Fly will still keep shape and strength and cohesion. Great for the tough requirements in arborist work. Very flexible and therefore perfect for use with the ART Positioner. 

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