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Here at Sorbus International, we are industry experts with over 14 years of experience providing professional arborists and foresters with the tools and information that they need. Our Sorbus Courses are the accumulation of this experience - a bank of informational tools that can help you to better your skills or to help train your employees to create a more uniform team. Over the years, we have run training workshops and courses for different groups, offering hands-on advice and support to those within our industry.

In these videos, you'll get an understanding of what our courses entail. We work closely with our students, providing information about the different tools and equipment that we would recommend for various jobs. Our goal is to be as hands-on and supportive as possible. To do this, we focus on product demonstrations and interactive training schedules - we want you to feel comfortable with the tools you have and the ones you're considering. Working at height poses a unique set of challenges that needs the right expertise to help minimise damage or injury. This is what we hope to impart to our students and those who attend our many workshops and courses over the years.

Sorbus International is your place to find the latest tools and equipment for your professional needs. If you have any questions about our products or are interested in organising one of our training courses for your employees or students, please do get in contact with us here today.

SRT Workshop - Friday 23rd June 2017
Looking to gain more experience and skills? See what happened when our specialist trainers delivered an SRT workshop to a team of professional arborists back in June.
Sorbus SRT Course June 2018
If you’re considering developing your professional experience, watch our latest video from the Sorbus SRT course in June 2018. A tailored and educational tool to help reduce the risk of injury in our industry.
Sorbus First Aid
Looking to improve your first aid knowledge for on-site work? Our latest training courses are designed to suit your professional needs with practical, hands-on advice for every single day.
SRT Course - 9th November 2018
Looking to develop your SRT climbing techniques? Watch our latest video from the SRT course we hosted in November 2018 to see how our experienced specialist could help you today.
Working With Two Systems and SRT - Course
Looking to expand your skill base and techniques? Our specialist SRT and two-system training courses are designed to support the professional arborist. Watch our video to learn more.
Sorbus Arb Specific First Aid Course 2021
Make sure you’re prepared for any scenario. Our ARB-specific First Aid courses for 2021 are designed to keep you and your employees safe. Watch our video here.

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