Sorbus International has spent the past 13 years building our reputation within the arboriculture and climbing industries. The Events that we attend allow us to get in front of our customers, providing you with the information and advice you need to get the most out of your tool kit. In these videos, you'll get a behind-the-scenes look at some of our most popular events - walking alongside us to discover why these industry calendar points are so important to our specialist teams.

Scroll through our latest videos to see what events we've been to recently. Sorbus International attends many of the industry's key meeting opportunities, including the Arb Show hosted by the Arboricultural Association and the APF exhibition, showcasing the UK's largest selection of forestry, woodland, arboriculture and fencing businesses. We also believe in the education and awareness of arboriculture as a career for the younger generation. As a result, we attend educational events too, such as the Bicton College Visit and the Bridgwater and Taunton College Visit. As well as being passionate about supporting those building their career in the industry, we also want to encourage the younger generation to consider this sector for their own professional needs.

At Sorbus International, we have long-established ourselves as industry experts. The events we attend are an opportunity to meet the customers and clients we have built and provide a more personalised experience. Watch the videos here today and keep checking back to see what happens at our next events throughout the year.

Arb Show 2017
Watch our latest event video to discover how the ARB show 2017 went for the Sorbus International team. From set-up through to product demonstrations and more, step into the two-day event with us here.
Sorbus at the Arb Show 2018
The Sorbus International team were delighted to showcase at the ARB show in 2018. Watch our latest event video to see the tent and experience the buzz for yourself but at home.
APF 2018
The APF exhibition gives Sorbus International a unique opportunity to meet many within our industry. Watch our latest video and see what happened when our team descended on the two-day event.
Bicton College Visit
Supporting their education, our Sorbus International trainers hosted a training session at Bicton College with many of our most popular products. See what happened in our latest video here.
Bridgwater and Taunton College Visit
As part of our educational programmes, the Sorbus International team visited arboriculture students at Bridgwater and Taunton College. Watch our latest video to learn more about our event.
Arb Show 2019
The Sorbus International team showcased some of our most popular products at the ARB Show 2019. Watch our latest video to see how the bustling and exciting two-day event went.
Confor 2019
The Confor Woodland Show provides us with the chance to showcase our products and interact with our customers. See how the two-day event panned out for our specialists and the visitors who popped into our tent.

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