Vertex IV Digital Hypsometer Kit

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  • Vertex IV Digital Hypsometer Kit

The Vertex IV - our number one best seller for the accurate height, distance and horizontal distance measuring you need in the field! With its ultra sonic measuring system and cross hair sight, the Vertex hands you proven accurate readings also in thick undergrowth. This new and improved Vertex IV has both beep signal and built-in Bluetooth®!

Ultrasound technology is perfect to use in the forest, always seeking the shortest way around obstacles such as branches and tree stems. The Vertex instrument operates with the Transponder T3 placed beside the tree, on the stem, or in the center of a sample plot for circular sample plot measuring work. Improved firmware, large graphical display, audible sound signal and Bluetooth for easy transfer of results makes the Vertex the perfect choice for foresters around the work.

This includes the following items:

The Unit, T3 Transponder, Adaptor and Monopod


For the measurement device only please click here.

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