Uvex Gravity Zero

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  • Uvex Gravity Zero
Is it its lightness that makes the uvex gravity zero so unique? Or is it the innovative combination of materials, design and technology? Many different factors make the gravity zero precisely what it is – truly state of the art, providing style, protection, fit and comfort in a product that is so light. You will feel it - but only just. The new uvex gravity zero has been tested under extreme conditions and it is more than equipped to tackle the rough and tumble of the working world. Its revolutionary side piece technology makes it ideal for use in a wide variety of workplace environments and for a wide range of applications. With more head contact points than conventional spectacles, these spectacles also fit better, guaranteeing maximum comfort. Just as the wind appears to move things effortlessly and make them appear weightless, so too does the uvex gravity zero appear to be weightless, moulding to fit any head shape.

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