ARS-UVR-32PRO Professional Arborist Pruning Saw

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The ARS-UVR-32PRO, you could argue, is the premium pruning saw on the market. This saw combines all of ARS’s top features to create the most durable, high quality pruning blade on the market. The blade is made from the high carbon Japanese steel that exceeds Japans toughest industrial standards. The blade has a hard chrome finish to create a rust resistant and wipe clean effect. As per all the PRO saws in the range the cutting teeth are impulse hardened – this extends the blade life by up to 3 times that of a conventional saw. The handle is newly innovated to fit perfectly into the user’s hand to create a solid and controlled grip. The handle is rubber coated for a non-slip effect even in severely wet conditions. The saw is beautifully balanced and weighs only 450g – this results in reduced fatigue and increased comfort even when being operated for long periods of time. The UV teeth cut design helps remove saw dust and residue during cutting to keep a smooth cutting motion on all wood types. Complete with a safety locking sheath. A must have for any professional or aspiring gardener.

  • ARS-UVR-32PRO Professional Arborist Pruning Saw

Pro pruning saw with sheath, curved blade 4mm pitch, rubber grip

  • Surface Finishing: Hard-Chrome Plating
  • Material: High-Carbon Steel
  • Tooth Grinding: Curvature Ground
  • Tooth Type: SUPER TURBOCUT®
  • Impulse Hardened: Yes
  • Tooth Pitch (mm): 4
  • Tooth Thickness (mm): 1.5
  • Blade Length (mm): 320
  • Overall Length (mm): 480
  • Weight (g): 430
  • Spare Blade: UV-32PRO-1

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