KRU XF Automatic Life Jacket

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  • Brand: Typhoon
  • Product Code: TY-KRUSLIF
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  • KRU XF Automatic Life Jacket

This AIS ready lifejacket is versatile, lightweight & features Wave Barrier technology.

Wave Barrier technology

 Wave Barrier technology delivers sub 5 second super-fast turn speed

The wearer is placed on their back keeping airways raised above water

The interlocking bladder blocks the flow of water into the wearers airways, massively reducing the risk of secondary drowning


·         Easy front donning

·         Rated 150N with actual buoyancy of 170N

·         Side adjustment for bespoke fit

·         Tailored collar for increased comfort

·         Single crotch strap eliminating ride-up

·         Harness and non-harness versions available

·         Stainless steel D-ring for safety harness (harness version only)

·         Durable outer cover

·         'Wave Barrier' technology helps keep airways clear

·         Approved service network

* Colour may vary

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