TreeRadar Root Survey System

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  • TreeRadar Root Survey System

Ground penetrating radar system for the detection and mapping of tree roots and other underground targets.

This system is capable of detecting targets of 10mm and above down to a depth of around 1m using proven ground penetrating radar (GPR) technology. Detections greater than 25mm can be found to a depth of around 3m with the optional 400Mhz antenna.

The data can be gathered relatively quickly without the need for the excavation of any top surface material.

Sophisticated TreeWin  software is then able to assist in the analysis of the recorded data to provide the user with the required information as to the location, depth and density of roots.

This data can then be presented in a variety of formats.

The system can also be used as a "Virtual Drill" for the inspection of tree stems.

There are a variety of options available for this system dependent on the preferences of the user with regard to the hardware. The system can also be purchased with or without the TreeWin analysis software. Third party analysis can be arranged if no software option is taken.

The TRU system is under constant development to further improve the level of information we can gain from it. To see work that is currently under way to further improve this already impressive equipment click here

Please contact us for further details of the various options and current pricing.

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