Sorbus Deluxe Throwline Kit

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  • Sorbus Deluxe Throwline Kit

Including the below items:

  • 1 x CL0050 Throw pod (10oz)- Made in the UK from durable rubber with a marine grade stainless steel eye bolt and fluorescent tip.The large eye caters for all throwing styles - the cradle or one handed throw.
  • 1 x CL0039D Stein cube- The STEIN Folding Cube is the ideal storage solution for your throwlines. From a 44cm cube to a flat triangle pouch in seconds. This large cube makes the deployment of throw-lines easy. The corner rod ends are fitted with rubber stoppers to prevent the rods being exposed. The heavy duty base material increases the strength and is waterproof. User instructions are printed on the cube corners with Dual Logo's on the outside to help fold the cube correctly. Two corner web loops to place your feet on when opening. One extra large external pocket and two small internal pockets for locating your weights and hardware. Use either the internal ring or velcro strap to anchor different lines.
  • 1 x CL0044 Zing it- Yields the highest strength, lightest weight, lowest stretch, and longest wear life available. The Samthane coating adds to the twine's wear life, ensures its knot-holding capability, and gives it a distinctive color.


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