Stein Cut-Away Strop 22kn rating

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 The STEIN Webbing Sling is constructed using a synthetic webbing (see below) terminated by a Sewn Termination. Primarily designed for use in Mountaineering these slings are designed to assist climbers for resting at belay stations and for protection under many different circumstances for better gear management.

The maximum rated load in accordance with these instructions is 100kg or a single user. The manufacturers minimum straight breaking load when new is 22kN. Extreme heat, extreme cold, along with water ingress can affect this products strength.

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  • Stein Cut-Away Strop 22kn rating

More Information

  • Application: PPE
  • Material: 13mm Dyneema
  • EWL Length: 20cm
  • Rating (kN): 22kN
  • Standard: EN 566

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